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Downtown Orlando Latin American Food

Downtown Orlando

57 West Central Boulevard, Orlando, Florida 32801
(407) 426-7007


Downtown Orlando Latin American Food

Downtown Orlando

57 West Central Boulevard, Orlando, Florida 32801
(407) 426-7007

Lunch/Dinner Menu

Our Lunch/Dinner Menu

Lunch/Dinner Menu

Our Lunch/Dinner Menu



Served with FRENCH FRIES - Upgrade to YUCA FRIES for $1

All burgers are prepared with a slice of mozzarella cheese, romaine lettuce, sliced tomato, shoestring potatoe stix, and garnished with all 3 of our signature sauces (Pineapple Sauce, Rosada, Cilantro-Garlic Sauce). Served on a brioche bun.

The Original Burger - $10.00 - Traditional Colombian-style hamburger

Super Rico Burger - $11.00 - Traditional Colombian-style hamburger topped with a fried egg and crumbled bacon

Arepa Burger- $12.00- Prepared in between yellow arepas (corn cakes) 

Super Pollo- $9.50 - Instead of ground beef we serve a hormone-free grilled chicken breast 

The Impossible Burger* - $12.00 - This vegetarian option is a Veggie patty instead of beef patty


Served with FRENCH FRIES - Upgrade to YUCA FRIES for $1.00

The Original- $7.00

A Nathan’s all beef frank topped with pineapple sauce, rosada, and cilantro sauce, shoestring potato sticks, and garnished with queso blanco

Spicy Perro - $8.00
A Nathan’s all beef frank topped with pineapple sauce, rosada, and cilantro sauce, shoestring potato sticks, topped with jalapeno relish, queso blanco and crumbled bacon






CHURRASCO - $13.75

     Charbroiled 6 oz skirt steak served with white rice, black beans, side salad and our house made chimmichurri

EJECUTIVO - $10.50

    Grilled chicken breasts topped with sautéed onions served with white rice, black beans, and a side salad

DRESSINGS for side salad: Basil Vinaigrette or Cilantro Ranch


   Typical Colombian plate, served with white rice, red beans, steak, chorizo, fried egg, avocado, chicharron and a white arepa.


A pressed and fried green plantain topped with your choice of protein, sauteed bell peppers and onions, garnished with hogao and cilantro sauce, and topped with shredded queso blanco

Beef - $8.00
Chicken - $8.00
Vegetarian* - $8.00 (add sauteed mushrooms for $0.75)


A white arepa topped with hogao sauce and cilantro sauce,  sautéed bell peppers and onions, your choice of protein, and garnished with jalapeno relish and queso blanco

Beef- $7.50
Chicken- $7.50
Vegetarian*-$7.50 (add sauteed mushrooms for $0.75)



Mixed Greens with carrots, cherry tomatoes, green onions, avocado, and topped with shoestring potatoes.


Arugula, spinach, cherry tomatoes, pickled red onion, avocado, hearts of palm, salt & black pepper

            Add Chicken or Steak to any SALAD - $2.00

House Dressings:

  • Cilantro Ranch

  • Basil Vinaigrette

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Salchipapa- $6.00
Colombian street food favorite, this dish combines golden crinkle cut french fries with hotdog florets, topped with cilantro and rosada sauces and dusted with freshly shredded queso blanco

Pollopapa - Substitute Chicken for Hotdog Florets- $1.00 up charge

Carnepapa - Substitute Beef for Hotdog Florets $1.50 up charge


Yuca Fries*- $4.00
Yuca (cassava) is a silky smooth root vegetable. It is fried to perfection and served with cilantro sauce.


Guacamole*- $6.00
This local favorite is a special family recipe! Served with sweet corn arepa points for $1 extra


Arepa de Choclo- $4.50
Grilled sweet corn cakes with mozzarella cheese in the middle


Chicharron - $4.50

Fried pork belly served with lime wedge and house sauce


Arepa con Queso - $3.00

A white arepa served with queso blanco on top


Sweet Plantains - 4.00



Loco Mango - 5.00

Spiraled mango served with a Colombian twist


Empanadas - 1 for $1.50  OR   3 for $4

    Delicate stuffed corn pastries 


(availability varies daily)



RICO BOWL - $7.50

(Choice of one sauce included in price)

All bowls include white rice, black beans, lettuce, chopped tomato, and your choice of CHICKEN, BEEF, or VEGGIE (grilled bell peppers and onions)

Double protein for $2.00


$1.25 for each: guacamole, crumbled bacon, roasted corn, sweet plantains

 $1 for each: avocado, fried egg,  sautéed bell peppers and onions, pickled red onion, queso blanco

$0.75 for each- sautéed mushrooms, sautéed onions, sautéed bell peppers



SAUCES - All made in house

Hogao*- Traditional Colombian savory sauce made of sauteed tomatoes, onions, garlic, & fresh herbs.

Pineapple*- Chunky Pineapple simmered with lime juice and pureed to a silk smooth texture

Rosada - Simple slightly sweet & tangy sauce made with mayonnaise, lime, tomatoes, and spices

Cilantro - This house favorite combines the flavors of cilantro, garlic, lime juice, and spices

Aji* - A mild sauce named after a type of pepper combines tomatoes, scallions, jalapeno, and fresh herbs to create a spicy taste

Jalapeno Relish* - This family recipe infuses a combination of finely chopped hot peppers with herbs & olive oil.


FOUNTAIN DRINKS - $2.50 each

Water ($2)



Fuze Iced Tea

Fanta - Orange

Pink Lemonade





Specialty Drinks and JUICES - $3

Agua de Panela


Guanabana (Soursop)

Mora (Blackberry)

Maracuya (Passion Fruit)

(Made in milk $0.50 extra)



Those with (*) can be prepared Vegan

About Us

Our Story

About Us

Our Story


In the summer of 2011, four friends - a nurse, a surgeon, a firefighter, and a teacher -- were walking home from downtown, missing the late-night food and culture of their hometown -- Miami. We made the impulsive and life-changing decision to buy a food truck and create our own late night spot. Colombian-style burgers, hot dogs, and salchipapas are the perfect foods to satisfy that hunger from dancing and drinking until the bars close.

Que Rico was born and by October, we were opened at the corner of Pine and Orange in the heart of downtown Orlando. The large crowds, high energy, and salsa music were addicting. It was more work and more rewarding than we could have imagined. Our college-aged kids and their friends had good jobs and the corner became a hot-spot for dining, dancing, and Latin music downtown. We received great reviews from food critics and the public alike -- pushing us to improve the culinary offerings and expand into the active Orlando food truck scene. Although we learned a great deal from the food truck events, the experience mostly reinforced that we belong downtown.

Marcela's passion for the business led us to buy out our partners and search for a permanent location in the heart of Orlando. We wanted a place where friends can come for lunch or an early dinner and try some of our creative recipes - but we hope that the fun, music, and vitality of Que Rico at Pine and Orange will be captured in the new place as well. The recipes are original and we will continue to use only the freshest ingredients prepared to the highest standards.

Great food is derived from equal parts inspiration, imagination and perspiration.  Marcela deserves credit for the recipes but the execution falls on Steven- the General Manger.  He learned cooking from his mom and honed his skills on the food truck during late nights on Pine and Orange.  After graduating with a Business degree from the University of Central Florida in December 2013, he assumed operational  responsibility for Super Rico.  His hard work helps ensure the freshest, highest quality food and the best employees in Orlando.

Super Rico Colombian Bistro is an adventure and a labor of love -- we hope you enjoy it with our family!